Cornerveis Black Contact Lenses LCY8049


Diameter: 14.0mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.5mm
Usage Period: Within 12 months (suggested to replace within 8 months)
Package: two-piece contact lenses + 1 lenses case



Important tips:

1. Prescription of color contacts is different than prescription of glasses. Therefore, you should have a fresh prescription in hand before placing an order for prescription colored contacts.
Contrary to this, if you are looking for non-prescribed (power 0.00) colored contacts, you only need to choose the right pair of colored contacts.

2.You should remove your lens immediately if you experience any of the above following problems:

-Itching, burning or stinging of the eye

-A feeling of something in your eye

-Excessive watering, unusual eye secretions or redness

-Blurred vision, rainbows or hales around objects. Dry eyes may occur if your lenses are worn continuously or for too long.

-The lens feels less comfortable than it did when it was first inserted.

If the discomfort or problem stops when you take out the lens, you should examine closely for damage, dirt or a foreign body.

If the problem continues, consult your Eye Care Practitioner immediately.

Any of the symptoms above can indicate a serious condition such as infection or corneal ulcer. Prompt diagnosis and treatment is essential to avoid serious damage to your eyes.

Remember that symptoms are warning signs. If in doubt, take them out.

3. What is the shelf life and life time of colored contacts?
The shelf life of color contacts is about 3 years/ printed on the label, and the life time of the lenses after opened varies. The replacement period is stated in the product description and we recommended to dispose within replacement period, depends on the frequency of use.

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